Who is who at Eurythmy4you

Adele 2018-1 bearbeitet ausgeschnitten.jpgAdele Waldman is a South African Eurythmist and Eurythmy Therapist and lives in Switzerland. Adele translates our texts and is the English voice of Eurythmy4you's videos. She is very gifted in communicating with people and finding out what they need. You can book sessions with Adele in Switzerland and online.

Adele 2018-2 bearbeitet.jpgText will follow soon.

Dream Team

Thanks to these wonderful people Eurythmy4you has been able to come to life.

Concepts, Administration and Filming

Theodor Hundhammer
CEO, Concept, Videos

Adele Waldman
Project development

Ilse F. Hönig

Monika Birkhofer
General support

Annika Bergmann
Marketing, Videos

Aimé Ehi

Peter Künzler

Zibad Rahman
Assistant Technician


Annika Bergmann
ABSR Stress Release Program
Eurythmist, Consultant, Sweden

Beatrice Staub
Interview on Eurythmy
Nurse, Biel/Bienne, Switzerland

Franco Casarin
Four basic constitutions
Consultant, Como, Italy

Giovanna Galimberti
Four basic constitutions,
Eurythmy on stage, Eurythmy in schools
Eurythmy-Therapist, Lugano, Switzerland

Harald Haas
Lectures Stress Release Program
Psychiatrist, Bern, Switzerland

Ilse F. Hönig
The Power of Health
Consultant, Salzburg, Austria

Jean Luc Berthoud
I Think Speech
Eurythmy-Therapist, Neuchatel, Switzerland

Pascale Fischli
Exercises of Stress Release Program
Therapist, Consultant, Villeret, Switzerland

Theodor Hundhammer
Tutorials and Stress Release Program
Eurythmy-Therapist, Bern, Biel, Switzerland