Widen your horizons through attentive work with your body. Our online courses allow you to experience the art of eurythmy as an opportunity to connect with your inner resources and so develop strength and security in mind and body.

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Theodor 18.7.2020 Pfad DE - Schnitt1

November 19, 2021
Harald Xander
Qi Gong and the experience of your own creative power


January 14, 2022
Dr. James Dyson
The path of inner schooling and the seven life processes

Dr.James Dyson

February 18, 2022
Dawn Langman
Why we should pay attention to the the zodiac in acting and eurythmy

Langman Dawn - Cover - A dramatic journey through the evolution of human conscoiusness

May 6, 2022
Christine J. van Draanen
Eurythmie with Animals

van Draanen Christine



HSP - High Sensitivity

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The Eightfold Path

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  • Eurythmy4you

    “I wasn't familiar with Eurythmy, though I had been studying Rudolf Steiner's books for many years and helped on biodynamic farms. In March and April 2020 the situation here in New York had been really difficult. In March (like many other people around me) I developed some health issues and spent a whole month really suffering.
    In an effort to do something about it, I started searching for therapeutic classes / seminars online and somewhere saw the ABSR Eurythmy Program. Two weeks later, following the instructions and practicing every day, my symptoms had disappeared. What I think had changed inside me specifically, (within two weeks) was my attitude towards the reality here. I felt that from deception I walked into light!
    In the third week I started feeling more confident, in the forth week I started feeling joy, in the fifth week peace. I really never thought it would be so effective doing exercises. I feel grateful that I was given this opportunity to experience eurythmy and specifically this program. Theodor helped me to grasp the meaning behind every exercise and also make me realize the importance of doing the general exercises. I still have a way to go but this experience a new start for me. Thank you also Monika for all your support. In addition I'd like to say that the whole Program was very well organized. Also a great feeling that I was part of a whole group! I'm looking forward to participate in other programs of yours in the future.”

    June 2020

  • Eurythmy4you

    “For me the ABSR-course has been a real blessing. It had a profound influence on such spheres of my life, where I couldn't have expected it, when I decided to do it. Concerning my health, I definitely became more energetic and there also disappeared constant tension in my neck, which I felt for the last couple of years.
    But the greatest difference is in my relationship with myself. I got so much used to constant inner contradictions and conflicts, that I believed them to be normal. Thanks to the course there appeared such a deep inner peace, that is also felt like a kind of clarity, but also emptiness. I don't need to push or struggle with myself any longer. I just go and do. Still, it is a bit embarrassing. Luckily, this "emptiness" is filled with some creative work - I grew very fond of drawing those last weeks, as well as gardening. Each time I go out, seems to be my first day on the Earth! The shapes, the colors, the smells, the sounds - they astonish me greatly as if I've never seen or heard them before.
    I definitely need some time to get used to it, and create my new pace of life and overcome this kind of perplexity. But I'm definitely very glad I did the course and very grateful for that wonderful opportunity - for all the people, who organized and led the course, to the whole E4U team, as well as to everyone who participated and shared their experiences. All of them were very valuable! Thank you many times!”

    June 2020

  • Eurythmy4you

    “I started to watch and participate in eurythmy on Mondays and Fridays from May till June 2020. On Mondays working on resistance and health and on Fridays with our questions. What I experienced through time is that I feel more confident, I feel like a bigger force is carrying me, but also that I carry myself! I experience a deep gratitude. To the different exercises: I can't “think“ them, but I feel guided by Theodor, with his kind approach towards the students. I experience more dreams, more hope, My soul also feels carried by the movements and exercises. When I try to understand with my head I can't. I feel really good (even though I am moved by all the sadness in the world and in my life). I feel and know we as humans are an important “tool” for being here and being aware, to bring the forces of infinity and healing through us to earth. I hope you can understand what I write because my English is not very good. I am so grateful! I didn't feel that for so long time! It is like a blessing and “gnade” (grace) 🙏🏻 . Thanks Theodor and all the people who made this possible! I really want to join the next course in the fall. Have a nice summer and festival ❤️🙏🏻”

    June 2020

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Way beyond „Stop acting up like that!“

Use high sensitivity as a resource

What might just be a bit annoying to others is often unbearable for the highly sensitive: Noise, hectic light or even interpersonal tensions are so stressful for them that their quality of life suffers greatly. A pronounced sensitivity as a source of deep and true experiences can your enrich life - if you learn to deal with it better.

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What should our ABSR courses be called in the future?

Wouldn't it have made more sense to find a "very own" name?

That question was asked in a Facebook post today:

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How do I do eurythmy with the heart when the heart is a pump?

Something similar a student asked me some days ago. I share my answer with you here. What do you think about that?

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