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Eurythmic Meditation


Dealing with thoughts which are not directly related to our everyday life can be helpful in gaining inner distance from everyday occurrences.

Choose a time and find a quiet place for your meditation so that a peaceful turning inward becomes possible. Consider the following:

  • How do you arrange time and place for your meditation?
  • How long and how often do you practice?
  • What are your experiences with practicing in different places and at different times?

To get to know a meditation, it is first necessary to become familiar with the content so that it can be remembered. It should not be an automatic memorization but rather be like an interested walk, in which something new is noticed or familiar things appear in a new light each time. As a result, an intimate space in your soul can come into being, into which you willingly enter again and again.

Recommendations for your practice

Eurythmy deepens our feeling connection with the body and leads us into dialogue with it. In listening to the resonance between the exercises and after the meditation you pay attention to the life forces. This gives space to the life body, the life forces are strengthened, and you connect yourself with your personal potential.

In eurythmic meditation, the flow of thought unites with the physical movement. The verbal content leads through the succeeding phases from the outside. Later, when the words have become internalized, they sound inaudibly within the movements and can be heard inwardly. In a following phase we become intimately connected with the movement itself. We are fully present in the body, but with the clear alertness of thinking.

This alertness can significantly increase with practice, and leads to the intended strengthening effects of a meditative life. In-depth familiarity with the steps of a meditation can evolve over time. New perspectives and a devout mood can arise.



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