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    Sevenfold Rod Exercise
    • Basic aspects
      R1-1s-Sevenfold-rod-exercise-Basic-aspects-hd SIMPLERO.mp4
    • Tips & Tricks
      R1-2 Sevenfold rod exercise Part 2- Tips and tricks.mp4
    • Execution With Inner Ease
      R1-3 Sevenfold rod exercise Part 3- Execution with inner ease.mp4
    • A Heart Exercise
      R1-4 Sevenfold rod exercise Part 4- A heart exercise.mp4
    • A Musical Interpretation
      R1-5 Siebenteilige Stabübung - Musikalische Ausführung.mp4
    • In the structure of space
      R1-6 Sevenfold rod exercise Part 6- Ordering oneself into the structuring forces of space.mp4
    • Sevenfold rod exercise with eurythmic walking
      R1-7 Sevenfold rod exercise Part 7- With eurythmic walking.mp4
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    Twelvefold Rod Excercise
    • Basic aspects of the exercise
      R2-1 twelvefold rod excercise Part 1- Basics.mp4
    • Tips & Tricks
      R2-2 twelvefold rod exercise Part 2- Tips and Tricks.mp4
    • Stages of Levity
      R2-3 twelvefold rod exercise Part 3- Stages of levity.mp4
    • Twelvefold rod exercise with six pointed star
      R2-4 twelvefold rod-exercise with six pointed star.mp4
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    Spiral Rod Exercise
    • Basics and stages of execution
      R3-1 Spiral Part 1 - Basics and stages of execution.mp4
    • Tips & Tricks
      R3-2 Spiral Part 2 - Tips and Tricks.mp4
    • Spiral with spiral form
      R3-3 Spiral Part 3 - with spiral form.mp4
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    This is S
    • Basic aspects
      R4-1 This is S - Basics.mp4
    • Stages of execution
      R4-2 This is S - Stages of execution.mp4
    • This is S rod exercise with the feet
      R4-3 This is S rod-exercise Part 3- with the feet.mp4
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    Qui Qui Rod Exercise
    • Basic aspects and stages of execution
      R5-1 Qui Qui - Basics and stages of execution.mp4
    • Qui Qui rod exercise with a six pointed star
      R5-2 Qui Qui rod exercise Part 2- with a six-pointed star.mp4
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    The Waterfall Rod Exercise
    • Basics - Just let go!
      R6-1 Waterfall Basics.mp4
    • Tips & Tricks
      R6-2 Waterfall Tips and Tricks.mp4
    • The Big Waterfall
      R6-3 big Waterfall.mp4
    • The waterfall rod exercise moving forwards and back
      R6-4 The waterfall rod-exercise Part 4- moving forwards and back-.mp4
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    • Questions & Feedback

Why do we use copper rods in eurythmy?

Eurythmy would like to broaden our consciousness to the world of formative forces that carries and forms our bodies. Why are rod exercises a practical preparation and help to achieve this?


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In this series of six exercises with the copper rods and their variations you learn:

  • to integrate the rod and yourself into the geometrical order of the forces of space
  • to allow the forces of levity surrounding you to become active in your body
  • to awaken your sensory perception in your back
  • to manage the self-regulating fine motor skills of your hands and fingers from without
  • to develop a communicative relationship to the space surrounding you
  • and to let go

Hammered copper rods for eurythmy are made, for example, at the Hilden Metal Studio: Video

For sources see the Links page.