The Eightfold Path is the source
of our mindfulness courses

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We are still missing the online course
that focuses specifically on The Eightfold Path.

We are ready to start production, but we expect the cost to run around 90,000 euros.

The triptych of the eightfold path

Both Rudolf Steiner's exercises for nervousness (our ABSR-courses) and our exercises for various forms of high sensitivity (our HSP-courses) follow the structure of the eightfold path. Together, they form a complete system for dealing with the challenges of our time. We report on a research project of the University of Bern with more than 50 participants in the ABSR course on the Research page.

The course on the eightfold path is still missing.

It can be understood as the unfolding of eight forms of love:

1. Thinking
2. Practicing
3. Speaking
4. Mediating
5. Balancing
6. Connecting
7. Dedication
8. Becoming one

This online course is still missing.

For the production of this course we expect costs of approximately 90,000 Euro  (see below) for:

  • developing the eurythmy exercises
  • the professional filming, cutting, and animation of 30 to 40 videos
  • the designing and publishing of the course

With your help, we will launch this project!

  • After announcing your donation, you will receive the eightfold-path texts as a thank you.
  • For Euro 100.- you receive the online Eightfold-path course, worth Euro 190.- after publication.
  • For Euro 200.- you additionally receive the Vowels course, worth Euro 37.50.-
  • From Euro 500.- you additionally receive the course ABSR 1 or HSP 1 worth CHF 140.-
  • From Euro 1000.- you additionally receive the full e4u english package worth Euro 400.-

Current status of the donations