Course Summary

Therapeutic exercises

This course contains examples of exercises that are used in eurythmy therapy. They also form part of our courses for stress release and high sensitivity. The exercises included are:

  • Sympathy - antipathy
  • Yes - No
  • U from left and right
  • Hope - U

For people in a generally normal, stable state of health, it is safe to do these exercises in a moderate way, balanced by other activities. Stay aware of possible effects, and stop if you become uncomfortable for any reason.

In a therapeutic practice, each exercise is adapted to the client. What is shown is only an example. If you are a eurythmist in training to become a therapist, you can use the videos as study material.

If you have received these exercises as part of your eurythmy therapy, you can use what is shown here to deepen your experience and discuss it with your therapist.

We strongly advise against independent “self-help” application for therapeutic purposes, when there is a health issue. Eurythmy therapy always requires guidance and correction by a therapist. See the Links Page to help you find a therapist in your region.

If you use our courses and you like the videos, we ask you to consider that a video is at least two to four weeks worth of work for several people. Designing and choosing the exercises, writing the scripts, shooting, editing, developing and realizing the animations, creating the courses, etc. costs a lot of time and money. If you consider this, a voluntary contribution will not be difficult for you. We still have a lot of ideas for more videos and courses!

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