Therapeutic exercises

Here are some examples of the following exercises in eurythmy therapy

  • Sympathy - antipathy
  • Yes No
  • U from left and right
  • Hope U

In practice, each exercise is adapted to the client. What is shown is only an example. If you study Eurythmy Therapy, you can use the videos as study material.

If you have received these exercises as part of your eurythmy therapy, you can use what is shown here to deepen your experience and discuss with your therapist.

We strongly advise against the independent “self-help” application for therapeutic purposes. Eurythmy therapy always requires guidance and correction by a therapist.

Yes and No

Yes and No - Basics*
Yes and No with acceleration*
Yes and No with wings*
Yes and No - Deciding with the heart*
R. Steiners Indications

Sympathy and Antipathy

Basic aspects*
Creating Harmony*
R. Steiners Indications

Hope - U

Hope - U*
R. Steiners Indications

U from left and right

U from left and right*