Course Summary

Basic Eurythmy Exercises

B01_streaming_up_and_streaming_down_Thumbnail.jpgIn this course, seven videos show you important basic elements of eurythmy. The course handouts and the additional questions offer useful support.
• How does “etheric” movement that is not wilfully produced by me but nevertheless guided by me, come about.
• What are the counter-currents and how do I produce them?
• How and why do I separate the place where the movement is produced from the place where it takes place?
• What comes after the streaming and goes beyond it?
• How do forces that work from without differ from those that work from within.
• Why is threefold walking so important in eurythmy.

I-A-O in the body

I-A-O - A heart exercise
B06 I-A-O in the body.mp4
My way to the O

Eurythmic walking

B07a Threefold walking part 1.mp4
The threefold step
B07b Threefold walking part 2 with wings.mp4
Walking with wings


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