Eurythmy with copper rods

S0_Vor_bungen_mit_dem_Kupferstab_Thumbnail_final.jpgIn this series of six exercises with the copper rods and their variations you learn:

  1. to integrate the rod and yourself into the geometrical order of the forces of space.
  2. to allow the forces of levity surrounding us to become active in our bodies.
  3. to awaken your sensory perception in your back
  4. to manage the autoregulative fine motoric skills of your hands and fingers from without
  5. to develop a communicative relationship to the space surrounding you
  6. and to let go

Hammered copper rods for eurythmy you get, for example. at the Metal Studio Hilden: Video


Sevenfold Rod Exercise

Basic aspects Tips & Tricks
Execution With Inner Ease
A Heart Exercise
A Musical Interpretation
In the structure of space

Twelvefold Rod Excercise

Basic aspects of the exercise
Tips & Tricks
Stages of Levity

Spiral Rod Exercise

Basics and stages of execution
Tips & Tricks

This is S

Basic aspects
Stages of execution

Qui Qui Rod Exercise

Basic aspects and stages of execution

The Waterfall Rod Exercise

Basics - Just let go!
Tips & Tricks
The Big Waterfall