Eurythmy4you Summer Festival

Monday, July 13 through Friday, July 24, 2020

Two weeks of eurythmy in the international atmosphere of the bilingual Swiss city of Biel / Bienne (German / French). Enjoy the old town, the lake or take the funicular to the mountains behind the city. Discover the surrounding area with us on the weekend.

Find out more about Biel / Bienne, sights, excursions and accommodations here.

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Anyone interested in Eurythmy can participate. The courses are bilingual in English and German.

  • If you are already familiar with eurythmy, you can deepen your knowledge and experience and learn how to use this wonderful art for your personal advancement and well-being.
  • If you are new to eurythmy, you will enjoy the joyful encounter with the multitude of possibilities that are dormant within you, waiting to be awakened.
  • If you are interested, you may do additional work and obtain a certificate as an e4u coach for our ABSR and HSP courses.

Our teachers teach you the secrets of a meaningful movement, individually and in groups. We work with poems, music and in silence. Themes are the consonants, tone eurythmy,  moving in groups and the inner deepening of eurythmy. We look forward to seeing you.

  • Michael Widmer (Switzerland and USA) taught eurythmy to adults in the USA and performed with Eurythmy Spring Valley.  As a therapist he works with children and adults. He will do tone eurythmy with us as well as serious and humorous poems.
  • Giovanna Galimberti (Italy and Switzerland), eurythmy teacher, artist, therapist and former head of the eurythmy school in Milan (Italy) will teach us tone eurythmy and lead us into the world of the four temperaments. She works with Franco Casarin, counselor for self-development and biography work. In an interactive lecture, Franco Casarin will  explain how we can grow throught the temperaments. You can see them in our online course (GermanItalian).
  • Jean Luc Berthoud (France, Switzerland), shows us social group forms, the qualities of the four elements and their relationship to the consonants, exercises with copper balls, and a pranic self-protection meditation. See his video on the exercise I think speech: English, German, French
  • Adele Waldmann (South Africa, Switzerland), specialist in musical eurythmy, shows us how the consonants emerge from musical elements and how we can even do these with our legs. Fun is guaranteed! Learn more about Adele.
  • Theodor Hundhammer (Germany, Switzerland) is founder of Eurythmy4you and developed Eurythmy on skis. He guides us in an evolutionary development of the  consonants and the meditative deepening of texts to the noble eight-fold path of the Buddha. Learn more about Theodor.
  • Ilse Hönig (Austria) has developed the Courses for High Sensitivity with us. She leads us into the peace of eurythmic meditation. You can see her in our video The Power of Health (English, German).
  • In addition to the eurythmy lessons, we will have time to talk to various lecturers about professional, medical, and philosophical topics.
  • Monika Birkhofer is resopnsible  for the administration. She accepts your registration and will answer all your questions. Learn more about Monika.


Our festival is a two-week event, but the lessons are also arranged to allow for a one week visit.

Prices in Euro (USD and CHF are also possible)

Week 1 + 2
800.- until April 15th, 2020
950.- from April 16th, 2020
Club members 720.-

Week 1 or week 2
500.- until April 15th, 2020
590.- from April 16th, 2020
Club members 450.-

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