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Here you can watch sample videos taken from our courses. If you follow the links to the courses, you can download these videos for free.

Our Body - A Bundle of Energy

From the course The Upper and the Lower System.

Our body is a picture of the forces that create and sustain it. The organs that are situated higher up in the body are more affected by the upper system. When we connect ourselves with the forces of the upper system the arms are an important means of expression. The organs that work lower down in the body are more under the influence of the lower system. In this realm it isn’t that important for us to express ourselves. Here we long for movement and want to use our legs.

The upper system is home to our consciousness. The lower system is home to our life forces. Becoming more aware of these two systems and how they work can help us to reach our goals more joyfully and effectively, even in our everyday lives.

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Gaining strength by letting go

This video is part of the course Basic Eurythmy Exercises.

Current and counter current always take place on two different levels; otherwise a jam would result and chaos would ensue. Water flows from the mountain to the sea in the riverbed, and glides up to the mountain from the sea in the clouds. The exercise of "Streaming up and streaming down" may be used to fill your body with health-giving forces, harmony, and equilibrium.

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The basic Gesture of the Vowel A

The inner activity which you develop through the vowels, brings your heart forces into each cell and makes your inner sun shine. This video is part of our course The Vowels: Basic gestures and variations (21 videos, 2h15min).

Vowels are forces of rest, heart forces. Where there is restlessness and chaos, they order, form, point to the essential. Actually, they have no external movement. Their principle is radiation, the presence, the role model. They act as invisible magnetic fields that structure the space and even give support when the exterior is removed.

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Yes and No

From the course Therapeutic Exercises

In this video we show you some basic aspects of this Eurythmy therapy exercise. In practice, each exercise is adapted to the client. What is shown is only an example. We strongly advise against independent “self-help” application for therapeutic purposes. Eurythmy therapy always requires guidance and correction by a therapist.

In the videos of the course Therapeutic exercises we also show variations like

Yes and No with acceleration
Yes and No with wings
Yes and No, deciding with the heart

and other basic eurythmy therapy exercises. 

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Rod Exercises

With copper in your hands you broaden your consciousness toward the world of forces that enliven and form our bodies. These videos are part of our course Eurythmy with copper rods.

a) Preparatory Rod Exercises

In this series of six exercises with the copper rods and their variations you learn:

  1. to integrate the rod and yourself into the geometrical order of the forces of space
  2. to allow the forces of levity surrounding you to become active in your body
  3. to awaken your sensory perception in your back
  4. to manage the self-regulating fine motor skills of your hands and fingers from without
  5. to develop a communicative relationship to the space surrounding you
  6. and to let go

b) Basics of the Sevenfold Rod Exercise

c) Tips and Tricks for the Sevenfold Rod Exercise

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