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    Overview and Creativity - Creating Space for Freedom.
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    Sequence 1
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    Sequence 2
    • Au-Exercises 2 (10min)
      ViA-Au (2) English.mp4
    • List of exercises
    • Questions and suggestions
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    Sequence 3
    • Au-Exercises 3 (16min)
      ViA-Au (3) English.mp4
    • List of exercises
    • Questions and suggestions
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    Double sequence 1-2
    • Au-Exercises 1-2 (21min)
      ViA-Au (1-2) English.mp4
    • List of exercises 1-2
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    Double sequence 2-3
    • Au-Exercises 2-3 (25min)
      ViA-Au (2-3) English.mp4
    • List of exercises 2-3
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    Mammoth-Sequence 1-2-3
    • Au-Exercises 1-2-3 (36min)
      ViA-Au (1-2-3) English.mp4
    • List of exercises 1-2-3
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    Conclusion of the course
    • Feedback and questions to Eurythmy4you

List of exercises

A1    Centred in the surround

Experience your surroundings as a circle. Bring the arms in from there to the center, and from the centre back to the surrounding circle. (Repeat). In the center also experience the surrounding circle. Arriving in the surroundings - experience your center returning.

Video: The small gesture for Au

B1    Streaming down with A. Streaming up with U

Bring the arms up, feel into the space behind and let them, and stream down. Bring the arms forward and stream up with them. (Repeat) In streaming down allow yourself to be carried from behind. Bring your arms forwards and let that bring your weight forwards. In streaming up deepen your connection to the ground.

Videos: The A from above   and   Streaming up - streaming down

C1    U in the body and A in the arms

Create an U going down through the body from the heart. Keep the feeling of U in the legs whilst opening the arms in an A. Take note of the in-streaming quality of A in the arms and the light-filled quality of U in the body.

D1    Yes and No

Let your left leg make a semicircle forwards, bring it back in a straight line. Let your right leg make a semicircle backwards. Bring it forward in a straight line. Repeat: Slowly roll the foot down Y/N- get inwardly bigger. Y/N- Stay centered and speak out heartily from your center. Yes  -  No.Yes  -  No. Yes  -  No. Yes  -  No. Yes  -  No. Do the whole exercise one more time.

Video: Yes and No with the legs  and Yes and No with acceleration and Yes and No - Deciding with the heart


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Eurythmy exercises for joining in.

In the eurythmy exercises for Au (pronounced as in Out) we practice creating an overview and creativity. To perceive the force field between your center and the surroundings. Space for freedom comes about.

The Au Join in Exercises are the seventh sequence of exercises in the series Vowels in Action (ViA). Here you find more than 12 different exercises developed out of the manifold aspects of Au.

In each of the three sequences we show you variations of an exercise with different aspects and effects.In order to allow you to practice for longer we have combined the single sequences to two half-length sequences and to one mammoth sequence. This allows you to practice intensively and soon enjoy the positive effects on your wellbeing.

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