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    Nurture and gentleness
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    Sequence 1
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    Sequence 2
    • Ei-Exercises 2 (12min)
      ViA-Ei (2) English.mp4
    • List of exercises
    • Questions and suggestions
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    Sequence 3
    • Ei-Exercises 3 (11min)
      ViA-Ei (3) English.mp4
    • List of exercises
    • Questions and suggestions
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    Double sequence 1-2
    • Ei-Exercises 1-2 (21min)
      ViA-Ei (1-2) English.mp4
    • List of exercises 1-2
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    Double sequence 2-3
    • Ei-Exercises 2-3 (21min)
      ViA-Ei (2-3) English.mp4
    • List of exercises 2-3
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    Mammoth-Sequence 1-2-3
    • Ei-Exercises 1-2-3 (31min)
      ViA-Ei (1-2-3) English.mp4
    • List of exercises 1-2-3
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    Conclusion of the course
    • Feedback and questions to Eurythmy4you

Questions and suggestions

A1    How going out and coming in. Unfolding your space from the center.

  • How do you experience the path of your hands into the widths? Do the hands slowly move out and take the upper arms along? Or do the upper arms start and take the hands along? How do you do it?
  • How does your center feel when your attention is focused on your arms and hands? Do you perceive it more strongly, less strongly or not at all?
  • How does your experience of your size and your uprightness change during the course of the exercise? How do your feet and legs feel when the arms go out and come in?

B1    A – E – I with the arms

  • What force fields do you meet when creating A – E – I with the arms? Some people feel:
    • fulfilled and carried by A
    • protected and enfolded by E
    • activated, strengthened and given impulses by I.

D1    Being aware of the supporting and moving leg simultaneously.

  • How do you focus on both legs simultaneously? From your head or from your heart?
  • What effect does your attention have on your tempo?
  • Do you become more or less stable.
  • Do you become more awake, in moving forwards or backwards? In case you notice a difference, how do you explain it?
  • Are you moved by this experience?


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Eurythmy exercises for joining in

In the eurythmy exercises for Ei (Ei pronounced as in I) you learn to perceive yourself and mindfully come to yourself. You give and receive nurture and gently awaken your inner forces of growth.

The Ei Join in Exercises are the sixth sequence of exercises in the series Vowels in Action (ViA). Here you find more than 12 different exercises developed out of the manifold aspects of Ei.

In each of the three sequences we show you variations of an exercise with different aspects and effects. In order to allow you to practice for longer we have combined the single sequences to two half-length sequences and to one mammoth sequence. This allows you to practice intensively and soon enjoy the positive effects on your wellbeing.

Here you go to the courses:   A in Action    E in Action   I in Action   O in Action   U in Action   Au in Action