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    Resting in oneself– transcending boundaries.
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    Sequence 1
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    Sequence 2
    • U-Exercises 2 (14min)
      ViA-U (2) English.mp4
    • List of exercises
    • Questions and suggestions
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    Sequence 3
    • U-Exercises 3 (15min)
      ViA-U (3) English.mp4
    • List of exercises
    • Questions and suggestions
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    Double sequence 1-2
    • U-Exercises 1-2 (25min)
      ViA-U (1-2) English.mp4
    • List of exercises 1-2
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    Double sequence 2-3
    • U-Exercises 2-3 (28min)
      ViA-U (2-3) English.mp4
    • List of exercises 2-3
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    Mammoth-Sequence 1-2-3
    • U-Exercises 1-2-3 (39min)
      ViA-U (1-2-3) English.mp4
    • List of exercises 1-2-3
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    Conclusion of the course
    • Feedback and questions to Eurythmy4you

Questions and suggestions

A1    Streaming up – streaming down

  • In order to get a good connection to the ground you have to pay attention to the counter current. Do you manage to do this?
  • Have you noticed what different types of tension in your hands have as an effect?
  • What meaning does the slow tempo of the stream have for your ability to follow the movement consciously? Which tempo feels correct? When is it too fast? Can it also be too slow?
  • Which circumstances allow your body to straighten up inwardly and outwardly?

B1    The I in U

  • How do you let your body contract? Do you start in the legs, the back or in the center?
  • Do you manage to let the arms come along on their own? How do you do that? What do you pay attention to in the arms?
  • Can you notice what your aura does during the exercise? Does it expand or contract?
    Are both possible?
    Do you experience above and below as being different?
  • What does exercising do to your body? Does it feel enlightened and upright? Do you discover other qualities?

C1    U from the left and right

  • How much tonus and consciousness do you give into stretching the arms when streaming together.
  • Do you exercise pressure on the palms to merge them or do you do this through the sensation.
  • What happens when you consciously include the elbows? Does this strengthen the stretching or the merging? Do you become more centered?
  • What meaning does letting go mindfully have for you? Can you find fine aftereffects of this in space or in yourself in the resonance?


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Eurythmy exercises for joining in.

With the eurythmic U exercises (U pronounced as in Ursula) you learn to stay centred in yourself even in difficult situations; free yourself from entanglement in sympathy and antipathy; become more open to external circumstances and people and strengthen your presence and charisma.

The U Join in Exercises are the fifth sequence of exercises in the series Vowels in Action (ViA). Here you find more than 15 different exercises developed out of the manifold aspects of U.

In each of the three sequences we show you variations of an exercise with different aspects and effects. In order to allow you to practice for longer we have combined the single sequences to two half-length sequences and to one mammoth sequence. This allows you to practice intensively and soon enjoy the positive effects on your wellbeing.

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