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    Warmth and Light – Creating harmony.
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    Sequence 1
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    Sequence 2
    • O-Exercises 2 (11min)
      ViA-O (2) English.mp4
    • List of exercises
    • Questions and suggestions
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    Sequence 3
    • O-Exercises 3 (13min)
      ViA-O (3) English.mp4
    • List of exercises
    • Questions and suggestions
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    Double sequence 1-2
    • O-Exercises 1-2 (24min)
      ViA-O (1-2) English.mp4
    • List of exercises 1-2
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    Double sequence 2-3
    • O-Exercises 2-3 (24min)
      ViA-O (2-3) English.mp4
    • List of exercises 2-3
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    Mammoth-Sequence 1-2-3
    • O-Exercises 1-2-3 (36min)
      ViA-O (1-2-3) English.mp4
    • List of exercises 1-2-3
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    Conclusion of the course
    • Feedback and questions to Eurythmy4you

List of exercises

A1    Straightening up out of the thighs

Gently stroke your thighs. Slowly become upright whilst remaining anchored in the thighs with your consciousness. How do your feet feel afterwards?

Video: Breathing with the arms Part 1

B1    O with empathy

Bring your hands in front of your heart and move along a circumference as if you would hug a tree without your fingers quite touching. Fill the space created with empathy.

Video: The basic O gesture

C1    O in the legs

Place the toes slightly apart, relax the legs, by bending the thighs outwards a little. Create the sensation of bow legs. You don`t need to bend the legs strongly, a slight bending and a light tension is enough. The stomach stays relaxed.

D1    Walking O

By creating a tension in the hand, lead the legs in a half circle forwards and then in a half-circle backwards. With a little practice you could also lead the movement from further above. If that is too difficult then carry on doing it from below.

Video: Walking O

E1    O above, below and behind

Bring the hands to the heart and form an O. Feel the arms and fill the O with warmth and mindfulness. Until you feel the straightening effect in the whole body. Create on O from the heart towards above. Fill this gesture with warmth and mindfulness. Perhaps experience how this activity deepens your connection to the earth. Create an O below, from the heart, and fill it with warmth and mindfulness. Perhaps experience how this opens the space above. Create the O from the heart, below and behind. Perhaps you experience that the heart zone is opened and warmed. To finish, create the O once on the horizontal plane in front of you.


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Eurythmy exercises for joining in.

In the eurythmy exercises for O (O pronounced as in All) we connect ourselves with our inner sources of warmth and light. We make inner spaces, build relationship, and create harmony in our body. The point is to connect ourselves fully with that which we do and so awaken our inner potential for change

The O Join in Exercises are the fourth sequence of exercises in the series Vowels in Action (ViA). In this course you find 15 different exercises developed out of the manifold possibilities of O.

In each of the three sequences we show you variations of an exercise with different aspects and effects. In order to allow you to practice for longer we have combined the single sequences to two half-length sequences and to one mammoth sequence. This allows you to practice intensively and soon enjoy the positive effects on your wellbeing.

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