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    Creating relationship. Interweaving opposites.
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    Sequence 1
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    Sequence 2
    • E-Exercises 2 (16min)
      ViA-E (2) English.mp4
    • List of exercises
    • Questions and suggestions
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    Sequence 3
    • E-Exercises 3 (17min)
      ViA-E (3) English.mp4
    • List of exercises
    • Questions and suggestions
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    Double sequence 1-2
    • E-Exercises 1-2 (29min)
      ViA-E (1-2) English.mp4
    • List of exercises 1-2
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    Double sequence 2-3
    • E-Exercises 2-3 (32min)
      ViA-E (2-3) English.mp4
    • List of exercises 2-3
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    Mammoth-Sequence 1-2-3
    • E-Exercises 1-2-3 (45min)
      ViA-E (1-2-3) English.mp4
    • List of exercises 1-2-3
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    Conclusion of the course
    • Feedback and questions to Eurythmy4you

List of exercises

A1    Right column - left column

Stand in your right hand column and experience its carrying force. Come back to the center and stand in your left column and activate its force in your body perception. Return to the centre. Repeat the exercise.

B1    Energy exchange between the left and right column

Stand upright. Put your hand on your right column and push its force slowly towards the left side. Experience the straightening effect of this. Place the hand on the left column and push its force slowly towards the right side. Experience the straightening effect of this. Execute the energy exchange between the columns simultaneously and pay attention to the effect in your body. Take a step forwards and repeat the sequence.

Video: E of the two columns

C1    Raying through the E gesture in the legs

Stand upright. Swing the leg out slightly. Cross it over the other leg and point the foot a little. Stay anchored in the heart and ray out through the leg and foot. Repeat the exercise with the other leg. Pay attention that the raying of the foot also straightens the body.

Video: E with the legs

D1    The big E gesture

Stand upright with the weight on the balls of the feet. Lift an arm horizontally, connect it mentally with the opposite shoulder and maintain this connection whilst stretching ever further to the side, so that it pulls the opposite shoulder towards the body. Do the same on the other side. Now do the exercise with both arms stretching far  out into the periphery and by doing this pulling the shoulders towards the middle. Feel how this strengthens your centre.

Video: The big E gesture

E1    The right and left column on a Pentagram

Stand at the head of a pentagram. Take three little steps to the right foot and experience your right column. Three steps back to the left arm and feel your left column. Three steps across into right column, three forwards to the left column, and back to the head, where you experience both columns. Repeat the exercise and pay attention how you step into the columns.

F1    The points of a pentagram as columns on a circle

Move along the circle in your preferred direction and experience how the points of the pentagram activate the two columns in your body when you pass.


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Eurythmy exercises for joining in.

In the eurythmy exercises for E (pronounced as in Every) we awaken the ability of introspection and develop tools for influencing and changing our behaviour. To this purpose, we practice perceiving the result of our activity. To observe one’s movement sequences and to design movement habits differently

The E Join in Exercises are the second sequence of exercises in the series Vowels in Action (ViA). Here you find more than 18 different exercises developed out of the manifold aspects of E.

In order to allow you to practice for longer we have combined the single sequences to two half-length sequences and to one mammoth sequence. This allows you to practice intensively and soon enjoy the positive effects on your wellbeing.

Here you go to the courses:    A in Action   I in Action   O in Action   U in Action   Ei in Action   Au in Action