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    Module 1: Forgetfulness
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    Module 2: Jumpiness and anxiety
    • Intro: Developing inner security
      ABSR1 Lecture 2 - Jumpiness and anxiety.mp4
    • Changing one’s handwriting
      ABSR1 - Exercise 2 sbr.mp4
    • Eurythmy 1: Breathing with the Arms: Part 1
      B02 Breathing with the arms -1- preparatory exercises.mp4
    • Eurythmy 2: The basic gesture of O
      Vo-1 The basic gesture of the vowel O.mp4
    • Eurythmy 3: Walking O
      Vo-3 The O with walking a circle.mp4
    • Eurythmy 4: O Exercises
      ViA-O (1) English.mp4
    • Questions to the O exercises
    • Reflection
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    Module 3: Self-doubt and over-anxiousness
    • Intro: Mobilizing your center
      ABSR1 Lecture 3 - Self-doubt and over-anxiousness.mp4
    • Thinking in reverse
      ABSR1 - Exercise 3 sbr.mp4
    • Eurythmy 1: The basic gesture of I
      V.i-1 the basic gesture of the vowel I.mp4
    • Eurythmy 2: The archetypal I
      Vi-2 The archetypal I - uprightness through rootedness.mp4
    • Eurythmy 3: I Exercises
      ViA-I (1) English.mp4
    • Questions to the I exercises
    • Reflection
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    Module 4: Restlessness and loss of control
    • Intro: Changing behaviour
      ABSR1 Lecture 4 - Restlessness - Loss of Controll.mp4
    • Observing oneself
      ABSR1 - Exercise 4 sbr.mp4
    • Eurythmy 1: The basic gesture of E
      V.e-1 The basic gesture of the vowel E.mp4
    • Eurythmy 2: E of the two columns
      V.e-2 E of the two columns.mp4
    • Eurythmy 3: E with the legs
      Ve-6 E with the legs.mp4
    • Eurythmy 4: The big E-gesture
      Ve-3 The big E gesture.mp4
    • Eurythmy 5: E Exercises
      ViA-E (1) English.mp4
    • Questions to the E exercises
    • Reflection
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    Take a break: Reflection and preview
    • Start the next module refreshed
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    Module 5: Dependancies and addictions
    • Intro: Self-determined dealing with wishes
      ABSR1 Lecture 5 - Dependencies.mp4
    • Foregoing unimportant wishes
      ABSR1 - Exercise 5 sbr.mp4
    • Eurythmy 1: The basic gesture of Ei
      V_ei-1 eurythmic gesture for the diphtong Ei.mp4
    • Eurythmy 2: Eurythmy gesture for Moon
      V_ei-2 The eurythmic moon gesture.mp4
    • Eurythmy 3: Ei Exercises
      ViA-Ei (1) English.mp4
    • Questions to the EI exercises
    • Reflection
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    Module 6: Compulsions and indecision
    • Intro: Deciding with the heart
      ABSR1 Lecture 6 - Compulsions and Indecision.mp4
    • Weighing up decisions and carrying them out
      ABSR1 - Exercise 6 sbr.mp4
    • Eurythmy 1: I-A-O in the Body
      B06 I-A-O in the body.mp4
    • Eurythmy 2: The small Au gesture
      V_au-1 the small gesture of Au.mp4
    • Eurythmy 3: Yes and No - Basics
      T02-1 Yes and No - Basics.mp4
    • Eurythmy 4: AU Exercises
      ViA-Au (1) English.mp4
    • Questions to the AU exercises
    • Reflection
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    Module 7: Being hunted by thoughts
    • Intro: Resting in oneself
      ABSR1 Lecture 7 - Compulsive thoughts.mp4
    • Avoidance of criticism
      ABSR1 - Exercise 7 sbr.mp4
    • Eurythmy 1: Streaming up and streaming down
      B01 streaming up and streaming down.mp4
    • Eurythmy 2: The I in U
      Vu-2 The I in U.mp4
    • Eurythmy 3: U from left and right
      Vu-3 The U from the left and the right.mp4
    • Eurythmy 4: Hope - U
      T-03 Hope-U sbr.mp4
    • Eurythmy 5: U Exercises
      ViA-U (1) English.mp4
    • Questions to the U exercises
    • Reflection
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    Module 8: On your path - Mastering life
    • Intro: Integrating the exercises into your day
      ABSR1 - Exercise 8sbr.mp4
    • Eurythmy 1: The power of health 1
      M-01.en The power of health.mp4
    • Eurythmy 2: The power of health 2
      M01-2.en Power of Health 2018(sbr).mp4
    • Questions to deepen the Eurythmy exercises
    • Reflection
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    Conclusion of the course
    • Continuation of the program
    • Link to the follow-up course

Eurythmy 3: A Exercises

A: Staying open – Getting grounded

8 Exercises. Duration 11 Minutes, Pause and possibly rest.

With the eurythmy exercises for A you learn to stay open, remain earthed and to create a stable nourishing base for yourself.

A - pronounced as in Answer

A1    The left and right columns

Perceive yourself in your centre between front and back, up and down, right and left.

Place your weight on the right side with a small step and perceive the carrying force of this column. Return to your centre and do the same on the left hand side.

Take a step forward and repeat the right and left column. Pay attention to the different experiences of the two columns.

B1    A with the legs

Perceive your middle. Take a step to the right and so far to the left that you return to the middle. Feel down from the heart, through the legs into the heels. Allow this to move your weight onto the heels to deepen your connection with the earth. Take a step forwards and repeat the exercise.

C1    A raying out

Lift your right and then your left arm, and ray through them so, that you have the impression you are raying into two different spaces. Experience how this affects your body.

Supportive Video: The basic gesture of A

D1    H with the shoulders

Roll your shoulders a couple of times. Contract a little in the front and release them with a slight backwards jerk, followed by gently streaming down from the shoulder-blades.

E1    H with the Arms

Put your hands in front of your collarbones. Use the whole body to send them high, and allow them to be carried down slowly in the back.

F1    A-H behind

Ray through the arms and feel the counter current from the periphery. Create an H with the shoulders that takes you a step backwards. Pay attention that the memory of the in-streaming A is still present in the down streaming H.

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ABSR - Activity Based Stress Release from within - Basic course

A sequence of exercises given by Rudolf Steiner against inner stress, caused by

  1. Forgetfulness
  2. Jumpiness and anxiety
  3. Self-doubt and over-anxiousness
  4. Restlessness and loss of control
  5. Dependencies
  6. Compulsions and indecision
  7. Being hunted by thoughts


When you have practised the exercises for some time you might notice that:

  • you are more self-confident,
  • that practising is fun,
  • new experiences fill you with joy,
  • you become less forgetful,
  • you're more relaxed in general,
  • you experience yourself as more secure,
  • you arrive in yourself.

In addition to the videos in the course you gain access to 19 further videos from the following courses:

  • Basic Eurythmy Exercises
  • Eurythmic Meditations
  • The Vowels
  • Therapeutic Exercises

This provides you with important background information and the possibility to do the exercises even more effectively without having to buy more courses.

For more joy in everyday life.

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