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Questions and Tips

Could you escape the temptation to manipulate the movement?

  • Did you manage to wait until you were pulled forwards or backwards?
  • Did your body stop by itself or did you have to stop the movement yourself?
  • Did it stop where you had placed the column?
  • A little bit of “cheating” is allowed, as long as you are aware of it. This will help you to gradually develop the desired abilities in your body’s consciousness.

When continuously moving forward and backwards, when does the column behind (or in front) come into existence?

  • On the way forward?
  • When you arrive in front?
  • After you have arrived in front?

How is it for you to be active on two or more levels at the same time?

  • What are your main observations while practicing the exercise very slowly?

In our other videos about eurythmy we focus very much on: creating currents or countercurrents through the quality of streaming; raying from the heart through our gestures and limbs; connecting our center and our periphery.

  • How would you describe the activity we emphasize in this video?
  • What are the aftereffects of this exercise?