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How long does it take for you to become comfortably light in your body when standing upright and how do you achieve it?

  • Do you use your feeling perception?
  • Or do you rather use the fine currents of your micro-musculature?
  • Or do you achieve it just by concentration and waiting for the effect to come about?

Do you have an idea about what we might mean by “Thinking with the body?”

  • How do produce this effect and how do you experience it?
  • What is the difference between thinking with the body or thinking with the brain?

Activating the lower system can become very speedy and even funny.

  • How do you experience this effect on your inner being?
  • Does it make you nervous and exhausted?
  • Or can you stay inwardly relaxed and arrive calm at the end?

B07_der_untere_Mensch_-_ein_Energieb_ndel_Thumbnail.jpgA course of seven videos on the upper and lower system in the human being and their effects on our body, our movement, and our self-consciousness.

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The course is public and currently free of charge.

In the handout you will find transcripts of the video segments. In addition, the handout contains the chapters

  • I am two
  • Spirit and body - two sides of the same coin
  • Consciously moving the ether

These basics are so important that we make them available for free.

You can simply look at the first five modules. We show you that you don't really have to do much to allow your body to pull you forwards or bring you back. You also see the application of this in eurythmy and gain an understanding how the sound gestures relate to the human being's inner forces and how they function.

In the last modules we go two steps further. We show how the astral body can play with the upper and lower system in the video "Curving around the room." Elementary functions of the I are shown in the video "Being in front - being behind." To gain access to these modules we ask you to buy the course for 0 Euro or a voluntary amount.