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The upper system

In the perceptively carried movement, the arms are light, moving in an alert atmosphere as if carried by invisible threads. When I lift the arms into this upper zone, my connection to the zone behind me becomes palpable. Moving backwards in this manner is usually experienced as very pleasant, as if returning home or being received by one’s angel.

The upper system is an image of the individual cosmic human being. It brings structure which can cause us to become cramped when it becomes too much. In the body the upper system reaches down into the feet. Sometimes more and sometimes less. If it is less present then I fall over my dancing partner’s feet, or can’t get the rhythm into my legs.

When the upper system dominates then the person becomes more open to sensory-perception. These people are often experienced as over-sensitive because things often “get under their skin”. As the perceptions are experienced as objective facts, they tempt us to judge and critisice.

Even though the upper system’s goal is life, the meaning of its incarnation, it can make a person unrealistic.
It knows fear, as it knows what can happen. As the spirit manifests itself in the space above and behind ourselves, this system rather moves backwards than forwards. Rather goes there where it comes from.

B07_der_untere_Mensch_-_ein_Energieb_ndel_Thumbnail.jpgA course of seven videos on the upper und lower system in man and its effects on our body, our movement and our self consciousness.

The course is public and currently free of charge.

In the handout you will find all online texts of the course. In addition, the handout contains the chapters:

  • I am two
  • Spirit and body - two sides of the same coin
  • Consciously moving the ether

These basics are so important that we make them available for free.

You can simply look at the first five modules. We show you that you don't really have to do much to allow your body to pull you forwards or bring you back. Aside from this you see the application of this in eurythmy and can gain an understanding how the sound gestures relate to the human being's inner forces and how they function.

In the last modules we go two steps further. We show how the astral body can play with the upper and lower system in the video "Curving around the room". Elementary functions of the I are shown in the video "Being infront - being behind". To gain access to these modules we ask you to buy the course for 0 Euro or a voluntary amount.